• Shin splints? Think again!

    Many people would be inclined to diagnose this as simple "Shin Splints." However, this is actually a condition known as Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome (CECS). This is a condition that develops frequently in distance runners. It is characterized by LE pain that is brought on by... Read more
  • Pain free for the first time in years...

    It has been about a 1 1/2 years since my amniotic and PRP injection into my left knee.  Instead of facing knee replacement surgery in another 6 months, I am back to a routine of walking daily and being able to work out without a knee brace.  I can actually kneel on the tile floor to... Read more
  • Where You Train Can Influence How You Perform

    Have you ever wondered, how can I become a better athlete? Or have you simply googled “how to train better”? When most people try learn ways they can improve their athletic performance they think in terms of how – how can I train better, faster, and harder. Do I need to get my... Read more
  • A commonly missed cause of knee pain: pes anserine bursitis

    Pes anserine is actually french, and translated it means “goose foot”. It is a triangular (think of the shape of a goose foot) area on the anteromedial aspect of the knee 1-4 cm below the medial joint line where three different muscles insert.  From anterodistal to posteroproximal... Read more
  • The Concussion Saga: Part 4--Postconcussion syndrome, the real reason we care about these injuries

    Although 90% of patients with sports related concussions (SRC) will be symptom free within 14 days, 10% will have persistent symptoms that require long-term, multidisciplinary treatment. These symptoms can be vague and difficult to pick out. They are also frequently present in people who have never... Read more
  • The Concussion Saga: Part 3--How to tell if you (or a friend) has a concussion

    Concussions come in all sorts of varieties.  Some are easy to spot, but others can be much more insidious. There are four aspects of a thorough evaluation of an athlete (or anyone for that matter) with a suspected concussion: Athlete-reported symptoms, physical examination, cognitive testing,... Read more
  • The Concussion Saga: Part 2--Who gets concussions, and how common are they really?

    We hear a lot of stories about concussions in sports. Some of it is propaganda. A lot of it is emotionally powered designed to make us understand that concussions can be very serious (which is true!). But in this article we are going to discuss the raw data on the incidence of... Read more

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Comprehensive Medical Care for the Athlete.  From the elite physiology of a Professional athlete to the severe medically ill, Dr Carfagno manages the spectrum of your health.  Created in a unique setting of Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine, along with a Metabolic  Physiological Lab, SSMI Redefines Primary Care.  

At Scottsdale Sports Medicine, it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a dedicated amateur--we believe every athlete deserves top of the line care. Dr. David Carfagno and his team are ready to help you take your health and fitness to the next level with a state of the art facility, cutting edge treatments and trusted techniques. We offer comprehensive care for the complete athlete, sports injury treatments including impact testing and orthopedic care, and metabolic programs to help you achieve and surpass your fitness goals.

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