Fit runners like patients at Scottsdale Sports Medicine InstituteFrom the classroom to the boardroom, the Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute offers an array of fitness tests for every level of athlete. 

But why is fitness testing important? The major reason is to get an accurate and holistic picture of your body as a performance machine, and then to establish your strengths and weaknesses. This is done by comparing your test results to other athletes in the same training group, the same sport, or a similar population group. Previous test results of large groups are often published as normative tables.

By comparing results to successful athletes in your sport, you can see the areas in which you might need improvement, then Dr. Carfagno and the SSMI team can see that your training program is modified accordingly. This way valuable training time can be used more efficiently. Our fitness testing services include:


For many high school and collegiate athletes, pre-participation tests are a requirement. But even if not a requirement, they are a way to ensure you'll be safe and healthy as you pursue your dedication to your spot on behalf of your school. Call us to learn more.




 The corporate world can be just as taxing as a major workout. And many corporate insurance plans require testing for coverage. Learn more about our Executive Physicals.




The gold standard of fitness testings, this is a maximal exercise test, to determine your ideal training heart rate zones to drastically improve your endurance. Learn more about V02 Max Testing.




This test shows precisely how much energy (calories) you burn in a day. We offer Metabolic Testing that is a simple 10-20 minute breath test. You simply sit back, relax and breath! Learn more about RMR Testing




This painless, non-invasive procedure gives you a detailed report on fat, muscle and bone density. Learn more about our DEXA Scans.


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