men's health and fitness at Scottsdale Sports MedicineAt Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute, we offer comprehensive care for the complete athlete. And that includes health and wellness treatments even when you're not competing. For men, the biggest obstacle to regular care is time -- the time to make appointments and the time to figure out what care is necessary. SSMI now offers a service to make it as easy as possible for you the get the regular care you need, so you can do the activities you love.


Initial Medical Evaluation - 60 minutes

This initial consultaion includes a personal medical history and complete physical. We'll review your previous medical records and take customized lab reports.

  •     Routine Wellness labs (CBC, CMP, Lipids, PSA)
  •     Hormonal evaluation (Testosterone, Estradiol, Prolactin, FSH, LH, AM Cortisol, DHEA, IGF-1)
  •     Vitamin testing (30+ micronutrients)

Annual Medical Evaluation - 60 minutes

Each year, the SSMI team will perform a comprehensive physical exam and lab review. This will also include a prescription for testosterone-based on the Endocrine Society‚Äôs Guidelines (see attached). The prescription will be  dispensed based on your preference for either intramuscular injectable or topical cream or gel. The exam also includes the following fitness tests:

DEXA body composition scan. This is the gold standard body fat and lean mass measurement. Learn more about DEXA scans.
Resting Metabolic Rate. This test determines individualyour  caloric needs. Learn more about RMR testing.


  •     D3 5000- Vitamin D  (Immune system, Energy)
  •     N.O. Max ER- Arginine AKG  (Vasodilator)
  •     Conjulean 1000- CLA  (Fat burner)
  •     DHEA  (Supports hormone release)
  •     Prostate FLO  (Prostate health)

Quarterly lab review -  30 minutes

This review may include one or more of the following**:

  • Testosterone
  • Estradiol
  • CBC

**Certain tests/supplements not covered by most insurance plans


For more information and pricing or to schedule an appointment please call 480.664.4615

Dexa scans

Resting EKG

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