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Are you looking to excel in your sport? Whether you’re a professional athlete, Olympian, triathlete or collegiate player, the Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute team can help you get bigger, stronger and faster with their medical expertise and advanced testing.


Are you that person that works 9 to 5, then heads to the gym on a regular basis or gets in shape by playing in recreational leagues? The Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute team can help provide the medical expertise you need to improve your fitness and stay healthy all year around.


Are you tackling a chronic medical condition like heart disease, diabetes or arthritis? Need to lose weight or eat better? The challenger athlete is the biggest population treated at Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute. They provide a personal medical team approach treating all challengers with guidance to stay healthy and safe along with reaching their goals.

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Let the athlete inside of you come out


Whether you’re a professional, college or recreational athlete, Dr. David Carfagno constantly reminds all Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute patients of that mantra. At one point in your life, you were an athlete. It could have been on the playground in grade school, or on a field or court in middle school and high school. Some of you even had the opportunity to play in college or take it to the professional level.

No matter what level you got to, Dr. Carfagno and his team want to instill and maintain that athlete mindset for the rest of your life. Why? It’s because it sets the stage and tone for the way you’re going to approach your health and fitness. There are three different levels of athletes that are treated at the institute. This includes the professional athlete, the weekend warrior and the challenger.

Let the SSMI team be your optimal partner in achieving health and fitness performance.

Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute

David Carfagno, D.O., C.A.Q.S.M.

Leading the Way in providing Telesports medicine

Dr. Carfagno and his staff understand the importance of providing technological capabilities virtually. Using a HIPAA compliant telemedicine portal, the Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute team has completed 1,000 TeleSports Medicine visits in two years. The SSMI team can treat a variety of medical conditions and give you the same care as if you were there with them in person.

Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute
helps you stay in the game

Sports Cardiology
& Pulmonary

Sports Endocrine
& Metabolism


Exercise Physiology & Sports Nutrition

Membership Plans

If you want a more one-on-one approach to getting healthy, Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute has designed various membership plans to reflect your health and fitness goals.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic medical conditions, looking to lose weight or working to maintain a competitive edge in your sport there is something for everyone at SSMI.

The membership plans include executive and metabolic. If you want more details on each one, call 480-664-4615.

Success Stories

Hear for yourself how our patients are staying in the game at Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute.

“Over the years, Dr. Carfagno has helped me through various sports-related injuries as well as kept my overall health and fitness in check by genuinely caring. I have been using his concierge service for several years, which means he is only a text message or cellphone call away if I need anything and he responds within minutes.”

Erik O.
Mature Male Athlete Program

“I had let my weight balloon way out of control. I had tried many ways to lose the weight, none were very successful. I am so thrilled with the results I am having with the SSMI Metabolic Enhancement Program. In 28 weeks, I have lost 51 pounds.”

Marsha C.
Metabolic Enhancement Program

“If you have been referred to Dr. Carfagno to assist you with your weight loss, do not hesitate. He and his office staff will provide you with the best customer and expert care possible. Although my weight loss process is not totally complete, I consider myself a satisfied customer!”

Rudy B.
Metabolic Enhancement Program

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