Dr. Carfagno is out on the race circuit for 2023. His first race was in April at the USA Triathlon National Championships in Dallas. The doctor is vying for a spot-on Team USA to compete in the world championships next year in Australia.

 He did the Aquathon (1000 m swim/3-mile run), Aqua bike (1500 m swim/24-mile bike) and Sprint Draft Legal Duathlon.

Dr. Carfagno’s training paid off as he shaved five minutes from his times last year in the swimming category and a minute less per mile in the run portion. He also dropped 32 pounds following his Metabolic Enhancement Program in the last six months.

Dr. Carfagno followed up this race with the World Triathlon Multisport World Championships in Ibiza Spain this month. He did a Sprint Duathlon made up of a 5K run, 20K bike ride and another 2.5 run. A beautiful venue with a beach side run and a bike ride through the country. The doctor’s next event was an Aquathon where he swam 1000 meters and a three-mile run. The ocean swim was tough, but he battled through it and made a strong finish in his run. Dr. Carfagno loved all the fan support along the way as well as getting to share this experience with the other Team USA athletes and his dad who came along for the ride.

The doctor attributes his success to not only losing weight, but tracking, trending, and gamifying his heath numbers. This is something he does along with patients and athletes at the institute.

Dr. Carfagno starts by looking at biometrics from blood work, blood pressure, steps, VO2 Max, DEXA — lean mass/body composition and add it to your exercise from walking, running, biking, swimming, hiking or whatever activity you like doing.

He says having these numbers can give you a baseline to improve in your sport or activity. It also gives you the opportunity to start a friendly competition between family and friends with fun active challenges for motivation. 

Dr. Carfagno says it can be baby steps from a push-up on the couch or a walk to the mailbox. Whatever you choose to do, you will gradually increase reps and activity overtime.

Interested in learning more about gamifying your numbers?