I read a forward to a Sports Medicine Journal where I had written a chapter on nonsurgical treatment of glenohumeral arthritis with Dr. Todd Ellenbecker that has really resonated with me- to this day. The forward was written by the editor Dr. Gordon Matheson, who at the time was the team physician for Stanford University. 

He talked about how you can see a city you are visiting wake up right before your very eyes by just running in the early morning hours. This included seeing the bread trucks delivering the fresh bread, newspapers being dropped off and coffee shops being open. 

Since reading that forward 15 years ago, I make it a point when I visit a new place,¬†to do a run or a¬†walk through the city during the early morning.¬†It allows me to¬†see it come alive as well as get a vibe of what it would be like to live there.¬†There’s no¬†better way to get your exercise in than being outside and experiencing everything around you.¬†

Yes, there is plenty to do in a hotel gym, from weight training¬†to¬†cardio, but the next time you’re traveling, try a walk or run. I just did that very thing in the City of Brotherly Love where one of my favorite films Rocky was filmed.¬†

I had a blast running to the Ben Franklin Parkway, the art museum and of course running up the stairs to where the statue of Rocky stands.

 No matter your age, stay in the game of life with exercise.