Executive Memberships

When you choose one of the executive membership plans at Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute (SSMI), you’re making an investment in your health. The team at SSMI provides you with comprehensive and customized plans to let you know how your body is doing and to identify any risk factors. When you’re armed with this kind of information, you can set a detailed plan in motion of living the healthiest life possible.


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  • 1 Exam w/Physician – Annual & Test Review
  • 2 In-Person/TeleSports Medicine (TSM) Visits w/Physician
  • 1 DEXA Body Composition Scan
  • 1 DEXA Bone Denisty
  • 1 Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)
  • 1 Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • 1 VO2 Max Test
  • 1 Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
  • 1 (60 Minute) Nutrition Consult
  • 1 (60 Minute) Stretch Session
  • 1 (60 Minute) Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Session
  • 1 (60-Minute) Exercise Consult w/Exercise Physiologist or SSMI Coach (TSM)
  • 1 Calcium Score
  • 1 CT Lung Screen
  • 10% off Wellevate by Fullscript Supplements
  • 10% off Vibrant Testing
  • 20% off other in-office visits with physician needed for the year (In-Person & TSM)
  • 20% off metabolic testing for year (Individual Pricing) – (RMR, DEXA Body Comp & VO2 Max Test)
  • Prescriptions – separate fee
  • 3 Lab Draws a year – separate fee
  • This plan does not cover additional visits, consultations or testing.


When it comes to the ALLACCESSPASS, you get direct contact to Dr. Carfagno by phone/email and his network of other physicians and trainers worldwide. This stems from his training and continued work with the Cleveland Clinic Sports Medicine Center as well as his role as the main medical doctor at various high profile sporting events. Call the office at 480-664-4615 for more details.


  • Cell Phone and Email Access
  • In-Person & TeleSports Medicine Appointments
  • Same Day, Next Day and Extended Appointments
  • Exercise Training with Dr. Carfagno
  • Red carpet treatment with referring physicians and other healthcare services (labs, imaging, etc.)
  • Tapping into Dr. Carfagno’s worldwide network of sports medicine specialists that includes AMSSM colleagues as well as his Cleveland Clinic Alumni Network
  • Wellevate by Fullscript Supplements Discount
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