Metabolic Enhancement Membership

The Metabolic Enhancement Membership Plan at Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute is designed for patients seeking to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle or enhance performance. Dr. David Carfagno created this program years ago to provide the necessary tools to give medical guidance, monitoring and accountability for those on a journey to get healthy.

The doctor and his team take patients through the process of learning how to properly fuel their bodies, how to effectively burn calories without losing muscle mass, and how to be aware of the inevitable pitfalls and challenges that they may face in daily life.

This includes using cutting-edge metabolic testing equipment and weekly check-ins to hold patients accountable with their food and exercise goals. When it comes to the exercise portion, workouts can be done on your own, in person at SSMI or at home using the institute’s high-tech virtual webcam-based exercise sessions.

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Evaluation Required

Before signing up the Metabolic Enhancement Membership Plan, an evaluation is required with Dr. Carfagno. This will include getting a resting metabolic rate test, DEXA body composition scan, exercise consult, review of food/exercise logs and wearable setup.

Membership Includes:

  • 1 Weekly Weigh-in Visit w/Dr. Carfagno or Healthcare Provider
  • Review Food/Exercise Logs – MyFitnessPal and Garmin Connect
  • 1 B12 Injection a month
  • 4 (20 minute) Personal Training Sessions with an SSMI Coach



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