SSMI Registered Dietitian Chrissy Barth has a few nutrition tips to jumpstart the New Year and keep it going all year round.

Tip 1:

Treat every meal like a Monday morning. Every meal is an opportunity to nourish your mind and body. Focus on foods that you can have and enjoy them rather than focusing on foods you “can’t” have.

Tip 2:

Hydrate! Aim for ½-1 ounce of water per pound of body weight daily. Women need approximately 2 liters of fluids a day and men 3-4 liters. Staying hydrated helps your metabolism, flushes out toxins in the body and is vital for healthy brain cells. You don’t need to rely solely on water to meet your daily fluid needs as your favorite fruits and veggies are also great sources of hydration. A few examples include berries, oranges, dark leafy lettuce greens, cucumbers and celery.

Tip 3:

Fuel your body and brain with the color of the rainbow from whole foods also knows as “phytonutrients.”

Red foods: Helps lessen/prevent inflammation and enhances immune health
Orange foods: Important for reproductive health and fat-soluble antioxidants
Yellow foods: Digestive health
Green foods: Heart health
Blue/Purple foods: Brain health

1. Take an inventory of your current nutrition intake and see how balanced your rainbow is and where you can improve.
2. Add in one new fruit and/or veggie a week.
3. Tired of the same produce options? Shop at a different grocery store or try a farmer’s market for a change