LexxA and Max Cardio Club

Are you tired of walking your dog on the same route every day? Are you looking for something fresh and want to explore new parks and trails in Arizona?

Lexxa and Max Cardio Club

Meet new people and get a workout at the Lexxa and Max Cardio Club. Join other dog owners and their furry loved ones while visiting parks and trails around Arizona.

Join the Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute’s Lexxa and Max Cardio Club.

A club that was started back in 2009 when Dr. David Carfagno brought along his first puppy Lexxi to the office to cheer patients up and encourage exercise. The doctor could see a huge difference in patients attitudes every time Lexxi came into a room, and it was even more prominent when brother Max was added to the family three years later. 

This excitement gave Dr. Carfagno the idea to create the walking and hiking club where people bring their four-legged friends to parks all around the Valley as well as experience fun adventures on some of the most beautiful trails Arizona has to offer.

Now called the Lexxa (Dr. Carfagno’s new puppy and in memory of Lexxi) and Max Cardio Club, it’s open to all dog ages and fitness levels. If you don’t have a dog, no worries. Everyone is welcome!

Call the office to see when the club meets up next.

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