By Charlann Staab MSN, CNP

Summer is the typical time for family trips, extended summer travel or international travel.  Proper pre-planning is essential for safe and healthy travel.

Whether a brief long weekend trip or extended US trip, it is essential to ensure your prescription medication makes the trip with you.  At least a month prior to travel, double check the amount of prescribed medication you have on hand and evaluate if your prescription will last, or you need a renewal.  If you need a renewal prior to your trip give the office at least 3 weeks to notify your pharmacy.  It is also important to verify the pharmacy name and location that your provider has in your profile.  Failure to verify may lead to a significant delay.

If you are planning international travel, be sure you check the US Department of State Advisory Hotline (202-647-5225 for the latest information on any political unrest and health issues known prior to your travel.  Another excellent resource is the CDC and prevention website at

This site provides risk by country as well as recommended or required immunizations prior to travel. Most immunizations require a full 10 days to develop an immune response.

First aid kits content recommendations depend on where you are traveling such as remote backwoods, or international travel.  If traveling international, are you going on a safari, an organized urban tour or a do it yourself backpacking adventure, back up medications, first aid topical, or even ready to use antibiotics vary depending on the environment. We have a basic list for you depending on your travel plan.