My motto with patients is Treat and Compete. I not only treat their injuries to feel better, but I want to get them back out doing the active things they did whether it be walking, hiking or competing in an event.

I definitely practice what I preach. I have competed for 14 years with Team USA and Triathlons and other multisport events and have been to the world championships three times.

Before I started my triathlon days, I was a competitive soccer player and college football player.

My latest race was the Aquathon World Championships Samorin in Slovakia. I was representing Team USA after qualifying in Long Beach, California last year. 

The aquathon is a 1000m swim in the Danube River. The second largest river in Europe which is 1,700 miles. It’s famous for Strauss ‘s Waltz and is the theme song for 2001 Space Odyssey. 

Once I completed the swim, I did a 3-mile run. It was done along the stadium course and into the Greenbelt of the Danube.

I ended up placing 13th in the world in my age group. I have to say not bad because I’m not a great swimmer and did not swim for three weeks before the race due to my wrist surgery.

Once the race was over, I was able to capture a lot of pictures that included the medical side of the race.  As you all know, I cover these types of events in the US as the medical doctor and loved being able to see behind the scenes especially the paramedics working out of an old Mercedes-Benz fire truck. I know my firefighter friends would appreciate seeing this out in the field.

I got to see all the breathtaking canals and there were a lot of dogs and horses hanging out in the area. The local Slovakians also came out in full force, and they were very friendly and cheered on all of us in the world triathlon union.

I can’t forget about the Biosphere venue. In fact, this is the location for the Slovakian Olympic Training Center where many sports teams and athletes come to train and stay in local fitness hotels in the area. 

My six days in Slovakia were amazing. On top of training a few days before the race, I ate some good food and hung out with athletes from 80 different countries. My new athlete friends are from Ukraine, Slovakia, Italy France, Great Britain, Spain, Africa, South Africa, Kazakhstan, and South America. 

I encourage athletes of all ages and abilities to get out there and move whether you’re walking to the mailbox or lifting water bottles in your living room to fully performing at a high-level. Stay active!